LHRDI is the Louisiana Workforce Commission's designated entity for statewide Rapid Response services. Rapid Response is a pro-active, business-focused, and flexible strategy designed to respond to layoffs and plant closings by quickly coordinating services and providing immediate aid to companies and their affected workers. Our comprehensive Rapid Response program serves laid off workers and employers.

Rapid Response for workers

The decision to lay off employees is one no employer wants to make. However, as layoffs do occur, partnering with our Rapid Response team to meet with affected workers before the layoff will allows workers to access services and programs that will help them through this difficult time. Our Rapid Response team can provides laid off workers with a range of information and services, including:

Benefits to employers

Working with Rapid Response during layoffs or plant closings will result in multiple benefits to you as a business. The more quickly the Rapid Response strategy is implemented, the better off your company and workers will be. Providing Rapid Response to your workers will help to insure: